It all started around 2018 when my lovely chocolate Labrador (Zoe) died.  She was my evangelism tool as many times people used to ask me if they could stroke her (everybody loves a Labrador), and if the conversation led to me being able to talk about Jesus that was great; indirectly she was responsible for many people coming to know Jesus. Without Zoe I was at a bit of a loss as to how to start conversations, and then one night a picture of an emblem came to me, and it persisted, so eventually, with the help of some software, our logo was created.

It came to me that if it was on a t-shirt or some other piece of clothing, perhaps that would create a talking point with people.  Unfortunately my church couldn't help as they were involved in other things, so I 'shelved' the idea, but I don't think that was God's plan as time and time again it kept coming back to me. I said to the Lord "OK, if it's your plan I will make enquiries and if there is a local company who could embroider small quantities on t-shirts and the like, I will carry on. Sure enough, after ten minutes of searching on Google, I found a local company that would do what I wanted, even on just one t-shirt, and so Jesus Loves Bexhill as an outreach group was born, with friends also wanting to have a Jesus Loves Bexhill shirt.

What then followed was when Mike, a friend, telephoned and asked me if I would like to go litter- picking wearing our Jesus Loves Bexhill tops, and off we went. After a few weeks two became three, became four, and we were off! Becoming bolder, and stronger in our faith, we decided to put our logo on lime green hi vis tabards so that people can see us coming from a long way off. We now have thirty plus people on our list, which works out at something like 20% meeting together providing prayer support, whilst those who are available comb Bexhill promenades and the town centre for litter, but our main purpose being to enter into conversation with those we meet. The maximum number we have had out and about has been 20 and on that ocasion it was a cold wintry day. A cafe owner who had seen what we get up to, came out of his cafe and asked if he could provide hot chocolate for all of us - very welcome - and we have received a number of such offers from different cafes, even with the offer of cakes!

Being out in Bexhill every two weeks throughout the year (weather permitting), we have established some good relationships, not just with residents, but also with town and district councils as well, receiving requests from them to participate in the events they put on. This resulted in our decision to purchase a gazebo with our Jesus Loves Bexhill emblem emblazened all over it (miraculously we even managed to get a £500 grant from the council towards it), so now when we are asked to help "litter-pick" at big events such as the Bexhill Carnival, or the Bexhill 100 Custom Car Show, our gazebo and many hi vis Jesus Loves Bexhill tabards are in attendance.   All we seem to get are compliments and thanks for what we are doing; favour and blessings continue, people are saved, people are healed, and we want much more Lord, please!

It's not all about litter-picking though. We have had many outreach breakfasts, a noticeable one with Vinesong (the international Christian music ministry), plus also a "Dinner with Vinesong" event. In fact we organised a whole weekend of ministry engagements for them, arranging meetings at Sidley Freedom Church and St John's Church, Bexhill, both of which produced much fruit.

We were actively involved in the Bexhill Showcase event, as well as the Coronation Bandstand launch, organising Thanksgiving Services for both events.. We don't know what the Lord has in store for us next, but we are eager to see and do more, and are always helping and encouraging each other to become bolder and stronger in our faith, which we hope the other pages of this website will demonstrate.

GT - MN - DP