12th March 2022

A big thank you to all the Jesus loves Bexhill team, who worked so hard to make the whole weekend such a success. So many people turned up to help prepare the hall at St Peter’s Community Centre, that it took very little effort. Such was the enthusiasm for the event that many people turned up to helpeventhough they were not able to stay for the dinner!!
A very rewarding evening attended by over 90 diners, who enjoyed a good meal and a great time of fellowship. There was fun and laughter during the evening which culminated in experiencing a truly exceptional time of worship with the ministry of Vinesong, a number raising their hands to either make a first time commitment, or a recommitment to Jesus. Everyone who was there were truly blessed, and a number turned up at Sidley Freedom Church to experience Vinesong again the following morning. Those wanting yet more were able to attend St John’s Baptist Church in the evening. An exceptional weekend, described by one person who attended all three meetings as “a small taste of revival”. Another said that ”Bexhill has never experienced anything like this before, can we have more please?”
Word has got out about what the Jesus loves Bexhill team are doing; it’s not just litter-picking. The Bexhill Observer are doing an article as are Heart Publications. We gave away over 20 invitations; we encouraged people to support Marketplace by donating nearly 100 Fray Bentos pies, providing 60 of them ourselves. We were committed to spending some £1500, and yet still wanted somehow to bless Vinesong with a gift. God sorted out everything including our finances - a great weekend, and a great encouragement.

10th July 2021

Sackville Bistro came to the rescue after we were let down at the last minute by another venue. Charlie at the restaurant did a great job, the food was good, the staff very friendly and efficient, which made the whole morning an excellent time and a great introduction to the ministry of Vinesong.

Everyone who came were truly blessed and many encouraging comments were made, even the people outside waiting to come in for their lunch were very happy to wait as they were enjoying the music and the singing so much.

All of the Vinesong team arrived resplendant in their very nice Jesus Loves Bexhill rugby shirts, and after setting up their equipment sat at various tables to enjoy a cooked breakfast as they talked to as many as possible on their respective tables. They got up very early in the morning to be with us for which we are very grateful, they don't charge they live by faith and will minister wherever they are invited no matter how small or how large the numbers. They have ministered in many countries around the world, in front of crowds in excess of one million, various presidents and senior officials, in embassies, the United Nations, and we are very grateful to them for spending the time to bless Bexhill-on-Sea.