The above links display accounts of how God has clearly used situations that we have found ourselves in and taken the little "mustard seed of faith" we have
for bigger and better things. God does use us if we keep our eyes on Him, it's just that sometimes we don't know it!

It's all about Jesus.

For the rest of this page we would like to share with you more great stories that we have accumulated over the years,
a number of short ones are below, with longer ones plus a video story from the drop-down menu above.
We hope that they encourage you to want more of what Jesus can do with you.

There are so many lovely people in Bexhill, but when going out shopping, or going to a specific place, like a café, we all walk past each other, barely even sharing a smile.  However, put on a Jesus Loves Bexhill tabard and start collecting litter around our town, and so many people stop to talk, many just to say thank you, and occasionally we have a good chat.

I have never met anyone who was not friendly or who didn’t respond to my smile or my greeting.  I have many a good conversation with people waiting at the bus stop or just taking a breather as they do their shopping.  It is an honour to serve our community in clearing away some of the litter that blights our town, and an honour to serve our Lord Jesus as we lift His name high in Bexhill, and occasionally have the privilege to tell our fellow Bexhillians, how much Jesus loves them and wants to be a part of their lives. 

As I passed Coffee & Co where I saw Rahel the shop owner serving some customers, so I went in to say hello. He was very warm and friendly. I told him that I had been praying for his business, and he was very thankful for that. As we chatted, he mentioned that some of his staff were not good, and that he had to come to manage the shop himself (his normal job is driving instructor) so I told him that I’m a barista and I could come and give some help. So, in the end we decided that I would go in and work with him for an hour this Saturday afternoon after my work at Coffee Box that morning. I’m not looking for work, but just want to be a blessing to him. Paul says in the bible that He would be all things to all men. I want to live that out too. God has opened a door for us to make friends with the people at Coffee & Co.

Recently, I went armed with a pocket full of our leaflets, to the funeral of my 86 year old cousins wife. As I was asked to conduct the service I had the opportunity to talk about the love of Jesus, and to explain the gospel to all there. Later at the reception, my wife and I had so many positive conversations with people, and handed out a number of our testimony leaflets for them to read later.

We have tried to keep in contact with those who live nearby, and many new relationships have begun. It is always interesting and encouraging when someone spots our logo and identifies with us, and many lovely stories have been shared as a result.

I joined the Jesus Loves Bexhill group’s prayer support team (they cover the litter-pickers in prayer while they are out and about) due to my impaired mobility; I cannot get around Bexhill too easily. So we meet and pray as the more agile members meet people in the town, share their faith and comfort many people they encounter.

At first, I was tentative about wearing my cap and tabard with the logo on them but I was encouraged by one of my prayer partners to wear my cap as I went around Bexhill as people sometimes are curious and will ask what it means. She was right; I had someone saying to me ‘I met you in the cafe and you and your friend encouraged me’. We do the sharing and leave the main work to the Holy Spirit. Some senior students from Bexhill College saw my cap and said it was cool. My grandson told them that to obtain one they have to earn it; that is a work in progress. I now proudly wear my cap and pray as I get around on my scooter hoping to have more God encounters. It takes strong faith and a boldness to advertise one’s faith, and that keeps growing. May God bless this arm of His mission.

At the start of a recent litter-pick after we had prayed, it started to rain, just a brief shower, but I made a dash for the bandstand to keep my scooter dry.  A lady had hired the bandstand to sell children's books and I asked if I could go in; she said yes, and other people followed me in as well. 

Once we were all in out of the rain, they asked me what our tabard was all about, so I explained that we are Christians who just want to follow Jesus Christ's example. I told them we come to bless and serve our community by litter-picking and talking to people, just as Jesus served His community by healing the sick, praying for them and talking to them.  I asked if anyone had any questions and one man asked if I enjoy my faith, so I said I do and if I didn’t, I wouldn't do what I do.  It's Jesus heart to love and that’s what we do too.

Who would have thought that picking up litter and talking to complete strangers would be so much fun and so rewarding! Each time we venture out we never know who we will meet and what opportunities there will be to share the good news about Jesus!
There was the man who was gardening who said he was a Christian, but he never went to church or met other Christians. He said he was lonely; we invited him to come to church and make some friends. He accepted a testimony leaflet and we prayed for him as we went on. We have had so many encounters like him. There are many people who are just lonely and so much value a chat. Many people thank us for our litter picking; our quiet witnessing, wearing our Jesus Loves Bexhill tabards, gives a powerful witness.

We had met this man before on a number of occasions, the first time we met he explained that his wife had died on the bench where he was currently sitting some three weeks previously. We listened and shared the love of Jesus with him, but he beleived he was a lost cause, and didn't want prayer or anything, although he did take a testimony leaflet!

Every time we were around the place where we first met him, we would always look out for him, and chat for a while. Barriers were gradually being broken down, and on one occasion he mentioned that he was having severe pain in his left hand, and this time he accepted prayer, and yes the next time we met him his hand was fine! The last time we met him he started to enquire about what church we go to and has accepted an invitation to come when he feels well enough. God is definately on his case!