Our Stories - Confronted

It started off with Anne and I having a lovely encounter with four deaf people who were enjoying a coffee one sunny morning outside Kerry’s; Anne had a conversation using the sign language she knew, after which we continued on our walk. Half way along Devonshire Road we came across a chap who we had met before, and who is quite confrontational, he likes to try and get under your skin! After a few minutes of him chipping away at us, and us being cool, calm and collected! he suddenly said that he wanted to go to hell.  This we were not going to take easily, and we let him know that we were very upset by such an outlandish statement,  that he obviously had no idea what he was saying, and we explained why. Seeing that he was in a bit of trouble and now getting defensive, he grabbed a passer-by in the hope that he would be on his side in the discussion, but the gentleman simply went up to him, pointed his finger at him, and told him “You need Jesus!”
The antagonist was asked to go away and seriously consider and reflect on this encounter, which was so obviously a “God moment”. He then quietly left to catch his bus back to Eastbourne, and we look forward to meeting him again. The chap who was grabbed turned out to be a retired vicar, and we spent some time with him talking with and praying for him as he had recently lost his wife.
Talking to people about Jesus, and keeping close to Him whilst doing so, is so much fun and very rewarding.